Skill Builders CIC

The company will provide benefits to:

The companies activities will primarily benefit the 14-19+ age group who are disadvantaged in terms of their ability to prosper in a traditional academic setting but are able to flourish in a structured vocational training environment. The students will engage in traditional artisan crafts such as (but not exclusively) food production and cookery; traditional business skills; furniture manufacture. Academic students will also gain the experience in traditional artisan skills. Students, local businesses and artisans benefit from the interaction between young people, artisans, local businesses and educational professionals.


Our company differs from a general commercial company because:

The services of Skill Builders could not be provided on a commercial basis as a company working for personal profit would not be able to gain the credibility and trust of local artisans and businesses who are engaging for the benefit of the local community.

If the company makes a surplus it will be used for:

Surpluses will be re-invested in activities that benefit the local community.

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